Technology for better buildings: efficient, sustainable and smart

Sustainable innovation that adapts to the demands of people and work today and into the future

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Advanced sustainability

Technology to improve, track and report on building efficiency in terms of energy consumption and utilities, in real time

A healthier and more comfortable environment

Improve the well-being and quality of life of the building’s users: control air quality, ventilation, natural light and indoor temperature

Maximum security round the clock

The utmost security without additional staff, thanks to digital access systems, sensors and alarms that prevent and stop incidents

Boost productivity

Lower costs and less maintenance, with the digitalisation of 50% of the PM’s work, and more people-friendly spaces and services


Learn how our smart building technology contributed to the VERY GOOD BREEAM certification for Vila Bonaplata, making its first 9-storey building a Nearly Zero Emission Building

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Switching off 3rd floor corridor lights

The hall temperature has risen to 21º

Indoor humidity level stable at 40%

Smart Building means Tracking, Optimising, Improving

24/7 parameter tracking

Particulate matter (PM)/CO2 and humidity sensors for greater air quality
Monitoring water consumption and flow in the building
Monitoring outdoor and indoor temperature by room

Optimising efficiency

Lower energy consumption thanks to the use of natural light
Automatic adjustment of shading based on outdoor temperature
Modulation of peak electricity demand (demand response)

Improving well-being

Lighting efficiency to maintain present light and temperature levels
Improved building connectivity for users
Alarms to prevent and detect fire, water, etc.

Better ESG CRITERIA for both new and existing residential buildings, offices and hotels

A platform for PMs and consultants

Remote consumption monitoring and control, with all the information needed by PMs and sustainability assessors (WELL, LEED, BREEAM, PassiveHouse, SmartScore)

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