Cutting-edge tech to achieve the VERY GOOD BREEAM rating

VERY GOOD BREEAM rating, without modifying the project, and adaptable to conventional sites.

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Alfred Smart and BREEAM in Vila Bonaplata

Learn how Smart technology contributed to the VERY GOOD BREEAM certification for the Vila Bonaplata build-to-rent project for 68 homes over 9 storeys.

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Displaying real-time energy, gas and water consumption at the property

Monitoring the current interior temperature in the night and day time areas

Thermostat control in the main rooms


+1 CREDIT in Breeam smart homes requirement SYB12

+1 CREDIT Breeam consumption and leak detection requirement AG03

Alfred Smart technology integrates both buildings and private homes, without cables or additional installations

A platform for PMs and BREEAM assessors

Up-to-date information and remote control of all consumption, from your computer

Achieve the VERY GOOD BREEAM rating without building works or complications

Get credits in key areas like Energy and Health and Wellbeing thanks to the smart home solution from Alfred Smart.