Your assets just need 1 piece of technology

The all-in-one, no-build solution to manage all your assets remotely.

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Digital access to the building and assets

Presence and motion sensor

Alarms técnicas


Utility monitoring

Lower management costs

Reduced incident costs


Digital incident tickets

Book spaces in the app

Community communication via the app

Added value

Higher income from each asset

Upselling of services to tenants

All your documentation in the app

Amenities, added value with a single click

Transform your tenants’ stay with homes adapted to their habits and lifestyle, with extra amenities that add value to their experience in your properties.

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Front door open. Welcome home!

Bedroom blind switched to night mode

The living room temperature has changed to 21º

Why transform your build-to-rent properties?

  • 200%Double the number of properties managed
  • 35%Savings on incidents
  • 27%Increased income
  • 78%Savings on
    operating costs

Quick and easy integration with any of your IT systems

Your entire asset portfolio, on your PC

Control 100% of the residential assets of your build-to-rent properties as if you were there in person

Your tenants, your brand in the Alfred Smart app

What do you imagine your smart assets app would look like?

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