Smart technology that creates better living spaces

Energy saving, security and comfort in a single Plug & Play digital solution

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Simplify, go digital and enjoy

One app for everything: access systems, alarms, utility monitoring, lighting, climate control and much more

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Smart Home

Take full control of your home with your smartphone anytime, anywhere

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Smart Build-to-Rent

An all-in-one solution to replace all others

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Smart Office

The security, management and productivity that all offices will have one day

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Smart Hotel

A better and more efficient hotel for the guests and your team

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Holiday apartments

Your apartments connected to you anytime, anywhere

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How does the Alfred Smart app experience work?

Access systems
Digital keys through WhatsApp
Utility monitoring
Electricity and climate control through a mobile app
Shutters and shades

All the app features, also on the web

A proprietary platform with all the info in real time

Join the leading companies that are already Smart

Join the leading companies that are already Smart